Breaking Brexit is a podcast that gives a voice to those who feel left out in the Brexit debate, and answers some of the difficult questions around the toughest divorce of our generation.

Think about how different the world felt just over a year ago, in June 2016.

Today, for many people on both sides of the channel life is not the same. Brexit marked not only the start of a process that will end a successful, four-decade long partnership, but also highlighted deep social and cultural conflicts within the UK itself.

The goal of this project is to navigate this new world with you, whether you are a concerned citizen, an opinionated expert or a political activist. We take a non partisan approach to the debate but we are open to listen to anyone who will care to reach out with a question, a comment, a suggestion.

At a time when many of us despair, or feel scared about the future, we want to empower our audience through an open and constructive debate. We believe that in times of uncertainty, it is important to not let fear or frustration cloud our judgement. We want to pick out facts from political noise and put them in context, with the help of experts in the field of politics, economics and migration.

But most of all, we want to prove that even the most serious topic can be talked about with a light touch. Our promise to our readers and listeners: you will never be bored!




Breaking Brexit is a voluntary project. However, we face some upfront costs such as equipment, software, time and travel expenses.

If you believe in the value of our work, please consider donating a few bobs to keep us going!


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