Our first episode tackles head-on one of the main issues we Europeans in the UK are faced with since the referendum: who are we?

We used to be just normal citizens who happened to be born “somewhere else”. We had funny accents and interesting stories to tell. No biggie. We could not vote in general elections, but we had a say on who we wanted as a Mayor, so that was enough for many of us.

And all of a sudden, everything changed, leaving us painfully aware of our diversity – major decisions about our future were taken without us having a say. Where does this leave us?

 Nando Sigona, a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham* and leading researcher of the project Eurochildren helps us unpick the problem. You may also want to check his online journal, “Postcards from…” where he chart his journey as a child of the Erasmus generation.

More sources:

Barrister Colin Yeo and his blog Free Movement,

The report “Feeding the Nation: labour constraints” compiled by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee of the House of Commons



A personal note

I am so excited to finally launch the first episode of the podcast, which marks the real start of this long term project. As you can read in my bio, I have been working with EU civil society groups for a few months now. While engaging with what felt like a marginalised community, I realised there was a need for us EU migrants to finally take centre stage and speak with a strong voice, a voice that we didn’t have in the lead up to the referendum and is still unheard today. The government, politicians and the media talk about us, but never to us.

We contribute to the diverse, beautiful society that we call home in a variety of ways, through science, arts, healthcare and much more. This podcast is a tribute to us as a community and to the country we love, the UK. We will discuss politics in a non partisan way, practical ways forward to secure our residence and eventually citizenship for those who choose to do so, EU identity in the UK, our post-Brexit world at large.

Accents are not only welcome (you’ll hear mine!) but for once encouraged.  We are British Broadcasters too.


If you want to contribute to the pod or write a guest post here, just comment below or reach me on Twitter @Breaking_brexit

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*The project Eurochildren is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as part of the UK in a Changing Europe initiative.

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